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What was once considered solely a North American sport, over the past decade and a half American Football has crossed borders and oceans as it continues to grow around the world. The National Football League started with one game a year played internationally in London or Mexico City back in the late 2000’s. The league now plays multiple games every season in London, Mexico, and now Germany. 

College teams have jumped in on the action. Notre Dame played Navy in Ireland to open their season in 2012 and will do so again 2023. Nebraska and Northwestern opened their 2022 season in Dublin. Michigan’s Head Coach, John Harbaugh, took his team to Italy in April 2017 for multiple spring practices and the opportunity to have an immersive cultural experience for his staff and players. 

Customized trips

The trickle down of play and trends in football from the National Football League, to college, and then into high school is well known. International travel is the next trend and we at Varsity Sports & Educational Sports want to make it easy for your team to have not only an international football experience, but a once in a lifetime cultural experience.

We offer customizable tours to Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and Ireland, just to name a few. We will work with you to visit cities and landmarks to make your team’s experience an immersive cultural experience. Other options we can put together are securing a practice field, 7-on-7 practices against local teams in Europe, and attending football games abroad. From the aforementioned NFL and NCAA football games to the local professional leagues throughout Europe.  

What separates us from other booking companies is our hands-on approach. International travel can be daunting just traveling alone. Mix in a group of football players and it can seem almost impossible. We are here to tell you it is all possible and easy! We are there in person to make your experience smooth and stress free. We are not a phone call away in Europe, we are on your trip and in-person away, there to deal and handle any unexpected bumps in the trip. I will not only be your sales representative but your guide throughout the entire planning and traveling experience.



7-night / 8-day


7-night / 8-day


7-night / 8-day


7-night / 8-day


7-night / 8-day


7-night / 8-day


We do the work from beginning to end. We make this a hassle-free unforgettable trip!