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Who is ariel laguilles?

Born outside of Washington, DC, Ariel attended Catholic schools, grew up learning the piano, and was an avid tennis player. Following his older brothers´ footsteps he attended Gonzaga College High School, an all boys Jesuit high school located in Washington, DC. Here he was introduced to Jesuit education, Ignatian spirituality, and serving others. He continued his studies at Boston College where he majored in Sociology and Hispanic Studies, participated in retreats, and service programs.

After his studies, Ariel lived in Managua, Nicaragua as a Jesuit Volunteer, teaching both physical education and English. Ariel returned to his alma mater, Gonzaga High School where he currently teaches Spanish, serves as the Chair for the Modern Language Department, and coaches cross country.

Running and Spirituality, mind vs. body

While living in Nicaragua, Ariel found a passion for running. At first, he ran to stay in shape and to explore his neighborhood and the city of Managua. eventually, he began to participate in local road races where he enjoyed competing and testing his ability to go further then he thought possible. Running soon became part of his daily routine, and upon returning to DC, it remained a significant and fulfilling part of his life.

Running can definitely be a spiritual experience. The Daily Examen is a practice developed by St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises. The Examen is a technique that allows us to become more aware of God’s presence in our lives, discern what our purpose is, and to see a bit clearer how He works within and around us. Through running, I am gifted the space and opportunity for prayer and reflection; I devote some time during my longer runs to praying the Examen.

Ariel Laguilles

Ariel’s Running Background

◆ JFK 50 miler (MD)
◆ Mountain Masochist 50 miler (VA)
◆ Lake Sonoma 50 miler (CA)
◆ Canyon de Chelly 55k (AZ)
◆ UROC 50k (VA)
◆ North Face Endurance Challenge – trail marathon, 50k, 50 miler (DC)
◆ Seven Sisters Trail Race (MA)
◆ Blackwater Trail Challenge 50k (FL)
◆ Boston Marathon (MA)
◆ Baltimore Marathon (MD)
◆ BOMF Lone Ranger 24 hour (PA)

Ariel has been running competitively for over 20 years and has competed in races ranging from one mile road races to ultra distance trail races. He is highly involved in the local running community in Washington D.C., and works part time for Pacers Running, a local retail running company located in the DC area, which is supporting this endeavor as well.

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